Common issues:

– Reducing the national debt.

– Pro-life abortion.

– Gay marriage eradication.

– Promotion of the principles of free markets.

– Limiting government to reduce spending.

– Promoting individual liberty and federalism.

– Opposing the cap and trade proposal.

Reducing the national debt by a significant degree is a challenge because we will either have to raise taxes or cut spending. And cutting spending will mean that certain programs will have to be reduced in size which can lead many Americans into dark territory.

Healthcare also has to be addressed because the rising cost of medical services combined with the rising cost of premiums has further increased the size and magnitude of the national debt.

One area where many feel that the size of the national that can be decreased revolves around military spending. The amount of money spent on military endeavors drastically dwarfs the amount of money spent within other areas of the American economy.

And although establishing the safety and integrity of our borders while attacking terrorism is very important, many Americans feel that current spending is excessive and unwarranted.