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Democratic Conservatism


Conservative democracy promotes political views that are conservative relative to the national party’s viewpoints. Here is some brief history:

– The presidential elections of 1828 gave birth to the Democratic Party.

– During 1860 the split between the North and the South gave birth to the Republican Party.

– Roosevelt’s program, the new deal, was designed to deal with the Great Depression and included many conservative views and received strong support from Southern Democrats.

– In2006 the Democratic Party underwent a major restructuring.

– Conservative Democrats are characterized by liberal views on economic issues and moderate views on other issues.

– A significant number of conservative Democrats promote social programs like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. And some believe that all American citizens have the right to universal health care coverage. However, concepts about abortion, marriage, death penalty, gun licensing and other issues tend to be more aligned with the Republican way of thinking.

– According to multiple research studies conservative Democrats comprise seventeen percent of registered voters in the United States.

– Historically, the South has shown a tendency to elect conservative Democrats.

– Because the Democratic Party is largely liberal, conservative Democrats often find themselves at odds with overarching issues and initiatives.

– Some notable modern day conservative Democrats include Zell Miller, Mark Stricherz, Bob Conley, Michael Cone and Charley Reese.

What is the United States Senate?

– The United States Senate comprises half of the United States Congress with the other half being comprised by the House of Representatives.

– Every state within the US has the ability to be represented by two senators.

– Because the Senate has such long terms it is considered to be more regarded than the House of Representatives.

– To become a senator you must meet the following criteria: you have to be at least thirty years old, you have to have been a citizen of the US for at least nine consecutive years, and you must be a citizen of the state you want to represent.

– The Senate has the power to approve or disapprove bills that are coming from the House of Representatives.

– One of the Senate’s primary roles is to provide checks and balances for other arms of the federal government. These checks and balances prevent the abuse and overuse of power within one governmental entity.

– Often, the president will need the consent of the Senate in order to make official appointments.

– The Senate does have the power to implement impeachments.

– The Senate may also play an extremely important role in approving treaties.


Common issues:

– Reducing the national debt.

– Pro-life abortion.

– Gay marriage eradication.

– Promotion of the principles of free markets.

– Limiting government to reduce spending.

– Promoting individual liberty and federalism.

– Opposing the cap and trade proposal.

Reducing the national debt by a significant degree is a challenge because we will either have to raise taxes or cut spending. And cutting spending will mean that certain programs will have to be reduced in size which can lead many Americans into dark territory.

Healthcare also has to be addressed because the rising cost of medical services combined with the rising cost of premiums has further increased the size and magnitude of the national debt.

One area where many feel that the size of the national that can be decreased revolves around military spending. The amount of money spent on military endeavors drastically dwarfs the amount of money spent within other areas of the American economy.

And although establishing the safety and integrity of our borders while attacking terrorism is very important, many Americans feel that current spending is excessive and unwarranted.

Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move Health Initiative

Michelle Obama believes that the physical and emotional health of Americans is at stake because of the obesity epidemic.

Unfortunately, obesity rates of children within the United States have tripled over the past couple of decades. In fact, one out of nine children in the United States are overweight or obese. Because of this, many children are suffering from increased incidences of diabetes, heart disease, blood pressure, cancer and extreme cases of asthma.

One cause for this is the fact that modern technology has reduced the amount of movement kids experience on a daily basis. Modes of living have become more sedentary and gym class has also decreased in length.

Historically, kids used to play a lot more during school and after school. And meals were home-cooked and provided fewer calories than modern meals.

Today, many children have different lifestyles that do not include a significant amount of gym time and after school sports have been cut from many different programs.

To make matters worse, families are obligated to generate more income which means that there is less time to provide for healthy meals. Portion sizes have also exploded within the last couple of decades.

In fact, many research studies have shown that we are now eating thirty-five percent more calories than we were a couple decades ago and the majority of these calories are coming from fats, oils, sugars and artificial sweeteners that are laden with preservatives.

The good news is that Let’s Move is a very comprehensive platform launched by Michelle Obama that is trying to solve the challenge of obesity within our nation. It has more of a focus on childhood obesity but it does apply to the general population.

And this is very important because the modern day woman faces a lot of challenges in terms of regulating her own weight loss and regulating the weight loss of her family. Because of this, there are many different programs on how to lose weight, how to tone up different areas of the body, and how to eat a healthy diet. But navigating through all these different options can be overwhelming.

But with Let’s Move helpful information is provided for parents that will allow them to make healthier choices for themselves and their children.

There is also a massive push to include more healthy food selections within the school environment.

Ultimately, there are many factors that affect childhood obesity but we need to use a multifaceted approach in order to get the best results. We need the cooperation of private companies and community organizations in order to ensure the success of this initiative.